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Are you in need of a “reset” now that school’s back in session? Are you interested in trying a paleo/primal way of eating, but are overwhelmed by what to eat and how to plan? Are you trying to get your family eating better, but need some more family friendly meal ideas? Or, are you in a rut with meals and tired of coming up with dishes and shopping lists?


Give Primal Peak’s 30 Days of Real Food meal plan a try.

• 30 days of breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner ideas

• General tips and pantry staples list

• Over 70 Primal Peak recipes (with photos)

• Corresponding shopping lists


Full disclosure:

I use this meal plan ALL the time because even I get tired of planning, have food blocks, and want someone else to tell me what to make and eat from time to time. It can be followed meal by meal or used for simple, tasty recipe ideas.



For a limited time get it for $7.99 (20% off) with the coupon code: PrimalPDFSpecial at checkout (offer ends September 7th).


Also, get one day FREE when you sign up for Primal Peak’s newsletter!


This Taco Salad and Berry Smoothie are coming your way…





This meal plan is the same meal plan found on our Paleo Challenge mobile app. If you are looking for a printable version, here it is!


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