A Bundle of School Lunches!!

TWO weeks worth of school lunches right here! 😉


Simple, but colorful and fun! The best part is that the boys do a great job with the variety I try to provide. For those of you who are new to a primal palate, our Littles’ adaptation didn’t happen overnight! Take it one day at a time and look for small improvements.


Lunch 1:

• Rolled Applegate Farms Organic herbed turkey and uncured salami with mustard

• Clemintines

• Leftover sautéed brussels sprouts and sliced raw green peppers

• Cherry tomatoes and raw grass-fed mozzerella


Lunch 2:

• Leftover “Savory Sweet Potato Meatloaf” from OMG that’s Paleo? by Juli Bauer (paleomg.com) – I baked them in muffin tins knowing the boys would dig them this way, and made a few adjustments

• Sliced white and orange carrots, and purple bell pepper (from our local organic farm)

• Sliced cucumber

• Sunflower seed butter for dipping

• Sliced organic red pear


Lunch 3:

• Leftover bacon wrapped baked chicken thighs served over greens and with mustard for dipping

• Mixed cherry tomatoes and sliced red bell pepper

• Celery and raw grass-fed cheddar

• Organic grapes


Lunch 4:

• Leftover burger served over mixed salad greens with PaleoChef ketchup

• Sliced organic apple with sunflower seed butter for dipping

• Sliced cucumber and white carrots


It’s not often that I make 2 different looking lunches for my boys. But, here is one case where I did. My oldest son likes potatoes, and my youngest isn’t a big fan. My youngest requested raisins on this day and my oldest doesn’t care for them. My youngest is also allowed to bring tree nuts to school.

Lunch 5a:

• 2 hard boiled eggs over baby kale (I never expect them to eat much of this, but I think the exposure to it and always seeing greens as part of their meals is helpful longterm).

• Leftover roasted rosemary purple potatoes (from our local farm)

• Sliced organic red pear

• Black olive and pepper catepillar


Lunch 5b:

• 2 hard boiled eggs with baby kale

• Plantain chips with homemade soaked and roasted almonds

• Raisins

• Black olive and green pepper caterpillar


Lunch 6:

• Applegate Farms Organic Ham rolls with salami, tied with chives

• Organic red grapes

• Organic black olives

• Sliced cucumber, carrot and dried, unsulphured apricot catepillars


Lunch 7:

• Applegate Farms Organic Ham roll ups with salami, tied with chives

• Organic sliced strawberries

• White carrots (from our local organic farm) and sliced peppers

• Plantain chips with sunflower seed butter for dipping


Lunch 8:

• Leftover Herb Roasted Chicken served over greens with mustard for dipping

• Sliced purple tomatoes and steamed beets (both from our local organic farm)

• Organic sliced kiwi

• Purple carrots and black olives


Lunch 9:

• Leftover grass-fed ribeye steak over salad greens

• Organic mini-peppers

• Cherry tomatoes and avocado

• Organic red grapes


Lunch 10:

• Applegate Farms Organic grass-fed hotdogs with mustard for dipping

• Organic raspberries

• Plantain chips

• Sliced purple pepper

• Organic black olives



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