A Weekend in Napa

Is it possible to enjoy a weekend in Napa Valley and still follow your ‘paleo’ lifestyle? Aside from a few sips of wine 🙂 and a tasty treat, my husband and I, and two great friends came pretty close. There were certainly moments of indulgence, but those decisions were made by each of us deliberately. My moments ended up being well worth it and I came back from the trip without a feeling of falling of the wagon. A success, I’d say. 
We were incredibly lucky to stay in a small cottage on a private vineyard. Peaceful, beautiful and lots of fresh primal air. Both mornings we were fortunate to find local diners for a breakfast fare of:
• omelettes (with veggies and local meats)
• fresh fruit
• black coffee
For lunch we stopped off at the local supermarket to hunt and gather our way towards:
• fresh arugula and spinach, topped with heirloom cherry tomatoes, roasted asparagus and olive oil and vinegar
• roasted pork loin
• organic apple and almond butter
Dinner was where we tended to splurge a little more (if it was worth it). 

Without a doubt (I think I can speak for the four of us), ‘ad hoc’ was a hit! It’s a four course family style menu – what you get is what you get – and from what I understand, they aim for local and sustainable sourced food. In all honesty, it was one of the very best meals I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant. The flavors were put together perfectly for MY tastebuds in each course. 

First Course:
• Prosciutto and Melon Salad

Second Course:
• New York Strip Loin
(creamy polenta, grilled squash; roasted pepper stew; torn basil with peas, turnips, yellow romano beans)
While polenta is not a ‘paleo-friendly’ food, it was worth the taste for me – the best polenta I’ve had and paired so well with the meat.

Third Course:
• Robiola (cheese)
(this was served with crisp toasted bread and an olive and lemon cured tapenade)
Again, not paleo-friendly! However, the couple bites I had were INCREDIBLE. The incredible-ness had nothing to do with eating foods I don’t normally eat, but it was all about the flavors, textures and how they danced in my mouth. I can easily pass up bread – it doesn’t do much for me anymore – but, I’m so glad I chose to experience this culinary moment:-) A couple bites worth remembering.

Fourth Course:
• Peach and Blackberry crisp
(with homemade vanilla ice cream)


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