Benefits of a Kids Cooking Class

A couple weeks ago, Primal Peak had the wonderful opportunity to put together a kids cooking class with TEN 11-year-olds! We went in with high hopes and low expectations. We weren’t sure how many girls would have an interest in learning, participating, or trying new dishes. But, we were hopeful to pass on a positive experience that would give them more confidence in the kitchen.





With chefs hats, aprons and clean hands, they were ready to jump in – and that they did!!! Reading the recipes, taking turns with each step, asking questions and preparing a meal that was enjoyed by all. The girls were so polite with each other while eager to be hands-on with new techniques and cooking methods.








Our goals were far exceeded when we heard comments such as: “this is something that I can make for my own family,” and “this food is so yummy and WE made it.” To observe their interest during and hear their competence at the end was wonderful.







These young ladies all got to take home their own recipe cards and wooden spoons to encourage them to show their families and keep experimenting in the kitchen. It’s a strong belief of mine that one of the best things you can do for your child’s health is expose them cooking! Using real, nourishing ingredients is icing on the cake, but just getting them in the kitchen to grow an appreciation for preparing their own meal is something that they’ll take with them forever. Feed your children well AND give them the tools to feed themselves well!


Check out Primal Peak’s Services tab if you are interested in learning more about scheduling your own class, and stay tuned for info on up and coming specific class sign-ups.



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  • Vicky 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks Shannon and Amber! The girls had a blast and they are still talking about it!

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