Cave Babies Learn to Fish!

No, my boys are not cave babies (far from it), but their instincts are naturalistic and lately they want more than anything to catch, kill and eat a fish!


Fish we have caught! But, always caught and released. In fact, a few weeks ago our 6-year-old hooked, set and reeled in two 18″ trout on the Green River, but to his disappointment they were too big to keep. Determined again (and a determined little fisherman he is!!) we went back out on a near-by river last night.




A beautiful evening, and a gorgeous backdrop!



Spinner rods, fly rods, and then… the bite! “Fish on!!”



We have a fish! Not 18 inches, but 11 will do this time because it’s a KEEPER! “Dad, can we keep it? Can we keep it? Can we keep it?” Excited beyond words.


Yes! But, with keeping it comes lessons. Lessons on how to respect the fish, clean it properly and show gratitude for the food it will provide. “Got it.”



Involved in the whole process and loving every minute of it, the boys were in their element. “Fish for dessert!” said our 4-year-old.

We got home too late last night to have “fish for dessert,” but first thing this morning we fried up the filets for breakfast (a touch of sea salt, garlic and grass-fed butter!). Each cave baby devoured a filet with a twinkle in their eye and a smile on their face!



Another example of how involving your kids with the food they eat (maybe even self grown or caught) increases their excitement for  healthy choices. A growing appreciation for where real food comes from is an important goal of mine as their “primal” mom.



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