Cucumber Tuna Tastes

Cucumber Tuna Tastes

Shannon Doleac, MS, CSCS

I’m not a big fan of mayonnaise (never have liked the taste or thought of it). But the other day I was thinking, simultaneously, that I haven’t had tuna in awhile AND I haven’t made Sarah Fragoso’s (Everyday Paleo) “Walnut Red Pepper Dip” in months! It was an “ah-ha” moment! Combine the two!!

I made the dip and combined a couple tablespoons of it with a can of wild-caught tuna; placed a spoonful on sliced cucumber and topped with sliced grape tomatoes! Delicious bites of tastiness. In fact, my almost-4-year-old son said “Mommy, I love this recipe you just made! It’s so yummy!” Music to a mother’s ears;-)

This makes a fun snack or could be part of a great lunch!

Note: If you like hummus, Sarah’s Walnut Red Pepper Dip is a must try for a paleo version. In my opinion it’s far better than traditional hummus!

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