Earthing and Primal Instincts

What in the world does this mean?
Years ago, humans walked barefoot and slept outside on the ground. In our world today it is easy to go through life while hardly coming in direct contact with grass, dirt, sand, or rock. We live in insulated homes, we wear rubber or plastic soled shoes, we drive in our cars to insulated offices, schools, gyms, and we sleep on beds. 
Simple physical contact with the Earth’s natural surface may be an important component of health that we often overlook. Touching the Earth’s skin to our skin may provide natural energy to the body. Earthing specialists suggest that reconnecting may help improve immune function, sleep, happiness and overall wellbeing. 
Try it!
Run barefoot in the grass with your kids.
Feel the sand at the beach. Splash.
Lay down on your lawn in the evening and look up at the stars. Touch the ground.
Let your kids dig in the dirt. Let them get their toes dirty.

In addition. If you have children, I think it’s important to show them and talk to them about how the Earth provides us energy through food. Where does the food you eat come from? 
Where does the fish we eat come from? Bring your kiddos (or yourself) to your local marina (if you live close by or get the chance to visit one). My uncle happens to be a fisherman, so on our recent trip to NH we brought the boys to the habor where he keeps his boat to let them have a look around. 
Where do your veggies and fruits come from? 
Grow your own garden or visit a local organic farm. Let the little ones see the squash growing on the plant. Let them pick a cherry tomato off the vine and eat it. Talk about flavors, textures, smells, colors.
Where does the meat you eat come from? 
Take a trip to a near-by farm (that raises their animals as they are meant to be raised – check out and see. 
What about wild game? 
My boys are clearly practicing for their future sustenance (check out the photos below)!!

The point: think of ways to reconnect, both for you and your children. Respect the Earth, the energy it provides and ways we can give back. 

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