Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets


Do you ever feel behind when it comes to holiday prep? Ugh! Every year it seems like I am more and more behind the 8-ball, even though I promise myself that the next time I’ll be on top of it! Life happens, I guess. If you’re like me and scrambling to come up with last minute Easter basket ideas, this post is for you!


I love Easter, and so do my kiddos, as we welcome a new season and warmer weather. Whatever your religious, spiritual or energetic background may be, Easter is a time to celebrate birth, growth, renewal and creation. It’s time to tuck the previous period of cold, dark, dormancy away and capitalize on new energies and new beginnings.


Representing and teaching such concepts can be a fun focus when selecting items for an Easter basket. Random trinkets, plastic toys, and basic fillers drive me a little “cray-cray” (as my kids now say), but if gifts encourage the celebration of life, nature, exploration, and growth, I’m all for it (and so would be the Easter Bunny). Here are a few suggestions of what this could look like.



Gardening: This is an obvious one, but what a great time to start thinking about things you can plant with your kids this growing season. There are ample opportunities to teach how plants grow, what seeds need, and how nature gives us what we need if we take care of it.

  • Tools
  • Seed packets (maybe of your kids favorite veggies, or new ones to try)
  • Books related to dirt, worms, and how to garden.


Books: Growth through reading is every parent’s dream.

  • How about the next sequel to your child’s favorite series?
  • An adventure book.
  • A book about camping, the stars, or our eco-system.


Physical movement: Encourage outdoor play as the sun is up longer and the temperatures are warming.

  • Sports balls and rackets that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Backyard games
  • Kites
  • Jump ropes and hula-hoops


Arts and Crafts: Harnessing expression and creativity offers more growth and learning.

  • Crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint
  • Clay, play-dough, silly putty
  • Coloring books, stickers, stencils, journals
  • Legos, Plus-Plus


Camping: Whether it’s in your own backyard or on a mountain adventure, being surrounded by nature unplugs our kids, and gives them strength and appreciation.

  • binoculars, monoculars
  • headlamps, flashlights
  • compass, maps
  • light-weight neck buff
  • sunglasses
  • magnifying glass
  • whistle


Sweet treats: Look for those with simple and real ingredients – organic, non-GMO, no artificial colorings or sweeteners.


The sky’s the limit when you start to think about it, and most of these age-modifyable ideas can be found at your local stores (especially convenient for those of us who leave our to-do’s to the last minute). Whatever you choose this year or next, another great addition is a recycled plastic or bamboo toothbrush – the Easter Bunny wants to make sure that the extra treats doesn’t leave any sugar-bugs behind.


For more ideas and suggestions for filling Easter Eggs, check out THIS POST.


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