Family Harvest Night

We used to have “Family Movie Night”! Now, it’s “Family Harvest Night”!

And in all honestly, we had a blast a few nights ago snipping greens, twisting zucchini stems and plucking carrots!



I’ve never seen my boys so excited about zucchini! I’ve never seen them so excited to crunch down on a fresh carrot! They took turns with the clippers to harvest chard, kale and salad greens, and we talked about aphids (the little bugs that love kale), ladybugs (who eat aphids), and why certain plants might be growing faster than others. I was surprised at how relaxing, rewarding and successful the evening was as a family!



We also chatted with the boys about how we could use all the yummy food we grew in the days to come. Salads, sautés and “zoodles” came to mind. Below are some pictures of our meals.



• Fresh garden salad greens from our garden

• Sliced heirloom tomatoes from the organic farm across the street

• Sausage

• Sliced leftover sweet potatoes

• Organic blueberries



• Sauteed kale and swiss chard from our garden (cooked with coconut oil, garlic scapes and salt and pepper)

• Mashed butternut squash

• Apple & Apricot Pork Chops (recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield)



• Grilled zucchini from our garden (with olive oil and sea salt and pepper)

• Mixed green salad (greens, parsley and basil from our garden) with cucumbers, mixed cherry tomatoes, and green onions (all from our neighboring organic farm), topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

• Leftover mashed butternut squash

• Grilled chicken thighs



• Zucchini noodles made with the zucchini from our garden and noodle-fied with the Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer! Click on link to purchase. I highly recommend it:-) Our boys don’t care for grilled zucchini, but they LOVE these noodles. They love to help make them and they dig in to eat them.

• Topped with grass-fed ground beef and veggie tomato sauce


Looking forward to more “Family Harvest Nights”!



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