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I’m still here – I promise! Those of you who may follow this blog have probably noticed a lack of content over the last two months, so I thought it was time to let you know what I’ve been up to.


While I love providing content, insight and inspiration to guide people towards a life of wellness, I also love sharing the food itself! Thus, Fat Moose Foods was born – a partnership with Daisy from the local farm up the street. Our mission: to bring the community the best farm fare “grab n’ go” meals and snacks we can. Keeping all ingredients “CLEAN * CONSCIENTIOUS * and CLOSE” to nourish the body and mind.


As many of you know my philosophy is that our wellbeing is a reflection of how we care for ourselves and our planet. Feeding ourselves well should be top of the list, but the hustle bustle of today can make this a challenge. Daisy and I saw a need in the community for convenient real food. With Daisy’s passion for farming and sustainability, and my passion for nourishing nutrition and cooking, we look to offer great things.


While I have a new local endeavor, I envision that Fat Moose Foods will also strengthen Primal Peak’s content. Primal Peak will still be here and I encourage you to stick around for more to come and a return of blog posts soon! In the meantime, thanks for your patience!


Moose Micros

Radish Feta Frittata

Cookie Dough Bites




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