Favorite Find: Boulder Bake Mixes

Gluten free, paleo friendly, low glycemic, and vegan options: Boulder Cookie is onto something with their fabulous almond flour mixes! Pancakes, brownies and chocolate chip cookies are comfort foods that many real food want-to-be’s aren’t ready to “give up.”


Of course, I’m a fan of making what you can from scratch! And there are many wonderful “paleo-friendly” treat recipes out there for you to do just that. But every now and then, having a packaged mix on hand that you can trust is something to consider.





Boulder Bake’s Almond Flour Mixes have gotten the thumbs up in our house. No grains, no fillers and no refined sugars, plus the option to customize your added ingredients. Eggs or flax alternative; almond milk, coconut milk or milk of choice; and butter, coconut oil or oil of choice. You can make these fun foods your own based on food preferences and dietary limitations.






Mother of four and professional chef, Anna created Boulder Cookie to manage family gluten sensitivities, blood sugar regulation and inflammation. Give them a shot today!

Almond Flour Brownie Mix




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