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If you are reading this blog, you likely eat a lot of vegetables, or at least you want to!  When you make a trip to the grocery store most people take their fruits and veggies home in the standard plastic bag from the roll by the broccoli.  When you go to a farmers market, it is likely the standard size plastic grocery bag.  Both of which get tossed away when you get home after washing and storing your goodies.  We are here to propose a better option!  Not unlike the reusable wrap we featured a couple weeks ago (read about Bees Wrap here), these bags are good for the environment by producing less waste.  In many cities and towns across the country plastic grocery bags have been banned and stores actually charge you if you need one.  Statistics show that by using these bags, you could keep 150 plastic bags out of the landfill per year.




The great thing about these types of reusable produce bags is they weigh next to nothing, so you don’t need to empty them at the checkout.  You pay for the weight of the plastic bag anyway, and these don’t weigh any more.  Depending on what kind you buy, they might actually weigh less.  The other great thing is you can store your vegetables in them too!  Most vegetables require air flow even in the bottom drawer of your refrigerator and these bags supply air while keeping all the leaves of your lettuce in one place.




In addition to produce bags, you should also consider reusable grocery bags.  Most people say that they always forget them, so a good trick to avoid that is once you unload your groceries, place the bags by your door or on top of your purse or backpack so next time you go to your car, you remember to bring them.  Just make sure any empty produce bags are tucked inside as well!


Below are a few of our favorites. You can buy these online, at grocery stores, or even Homegoods/TJMaxx.

Cotton Muslin Bags


Flip and Tumble Reusable Bags


3B Reusable Produce Bags



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