Favorite Find: Rickaroons!





“Rickaroons= the perfect dessert fuel: no flour, all power.”



This amazing macaroon-esque, real-food cookie came to fruition in the kitchen of Rick LeBeau, with the help of his son, Grant. AND this such “Rickaroon” came into my life a few years ago through mutual friends who schlepped the “cookies” from a San Diego kitchen to a Park City home in gallon sized ziplocks for my family to try, critique and simply enjoy. (Read to the end of this article, and you, too, may get a piece of the love.)


And enjoy we did! Critique? Well, there wasn’t much to critique.

Taste: CHECK

Texture: CHECK

Nutrition: CHECK

Real ingredients: CHECK

Packaging: well, this step would come. The transition from ziplock baggie to the beautiful wrappers shown above took time. And it was worth the wait.




After first being introduced to the Rickaroon and providing my feedback as the company prepared to launch their product and break into circles such as the “paleo” world, I started seeing similar macaroon style “health” cookies popping up. However, none of them compared to the Rickaroon. Rickaroons had the flavor combinations, size and ingredient proportions FIGURED OUT!


Rickaroons are 100% organic, non-GMO, soy free, gluten-free, flourless, vegan, and certified as Paleo-friendly. I love the emphasis that this small, family owned company has placed on the quality of their ingredients and the importance of sustainability, without sacrificing taste. With the base of each Rickaroon being comprised of coconut, almond butter, dark chocolate and vanilla (no goopy preservatives, artificial ingredients, or fillers), what’s a nutritionist not to love?


As critics, my kids are solely concerned about taste and texture and these cookies easily passed the test. Their new favorite flavor is “Mint to Be” (they say, “It tastes like a mint chocolate brownie!”), and it’s a nice after school treat as they gear up for Jiu Jitsu or skiing. It’s a treat that I, as a mom and nutritionist, can feel good about.


My husband’s concerns don’t stray far from the boys’. But added to the list would be how filling they are (so he doesn’t HAVE to eat 20 of them (he’s 6’11”)), and how he’s left feeling after eating one (or 20). They are sweet, but not too sweet; moist; packed with flavor; and leave you feeling energized and satisfied. Rickaroons are a great pick-me-up after he teaches four straight periods of high school physics;-/, and a great alternative when the bus stops at McDonalds on the way home from coaching a JV and varsity basketball game. Micky-D’s or Rickaroons?! Hmm…




Whether we gobble one pre-workout, paired with a cup of coffee, as a mid-day snack, or for an after dinner treat, Rickaroons are there for us.


AND as one of my valued readers, Rickaroons is now here for YOU! (Here’s the love I mentioned earlier…) Simply enter the promo code: primalpeak at checkout and receive 15% off your order! I encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic offer and give Rickaroons a try today. Let us know what’s your favorite flavor and when you like to eat your Rickaroons. Remember to tag @rickaroons and @primalpeak with the hashtag #rickarooning in a picture of you with your Rickaroon!


As a “Rickarooner,” here are a few oldie, but goodie pics of me enjoying mine.






Which flavor will it be…?

• Mint to Be

• Mocha

• Chocolate Blonde

• or Megaroon




No matter how you stack ’em, I’m a true fan. A true fan of the taste, nutrition, ingredients, and the hard working company behind them.


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