Favorite Find: Simple Squares


Leaving the house without a snack in your pocket is a bad idea.  When hunger strikes, you are much more likely to make a bad decision if you don’t have a healthy snack on hand.  Great snacks to keep in your cupboard to grab quickly are Simple Squares.  These bars are organic flavor bombs, raw, gluten free, paleo-friendly, and delicious!  The perfect size too, just enough to get you through the rest of your day or before a workout when you can’t eat a full meal.




The flavors available are great too, it’s rare to find a bar like this with savory flavors like Chili Pepper, Sage, and Rosemary.  Don’t worry, they have sweet flavors too, like Cho-Coco, a chocolate coconut, Cinna-Clove, and just plain Coconut.  They also have a Coffee flavor for when you need an extra pick me up.  They are available online and at over 2,500 stores nationwide.




They are certified organic, non-gmo, gluten free and certified paleo.  What more can you ask for?




Next time you see these little morsels pick up a few to keep on hand for when hunger strikes!



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