Four Recent Dinners (2)

Schools out!! Well, almost. My oldest graduated from pre-school yesterday, but heads back for the much anticipated “field day” today!! Big moments in a little one’s world!


Needless to say for all you parents out there, it’s a busy time of year. On top of school day wrap-up, my husband just had shoulder surgery, so my teammate in daily life has been temporarily immobilized!! Thus, keeping dinners “simple” has been a must in our household. Although, looking back at the photos and remembering the mouthwatering flavors, “simple” can still look and taste delectable when working with real, whole, fresh foods!


Dinner 1:

We have a new 1/2 cow coming to fill our freezer tomorrow, so cooking up some remaining roasts is high on my list. I chose two chuck roasts for this meal. Admittedly, I am no expert at cooking roast, so I was thrilled when this dish came out as great as it did!

Shredded Pot Roast (slow cooked) – click link for recipe

• Organic mixed salad greens (from our local farm)


Dinner 2:

• Grass-fed rib-eye steaks! We also cooked up some flap meat for lunches for the next couple days.

• Organic mixed greens salad with bell peppers, cucumbers and carrots (topped with peach balsamic vinegar and olive oil)

• Baked sweet potatoes (with a pat of grass-fed butter)


Dinner 3:

• Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks from Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook. I’ve cooked these a handful of times and they are AMAZING!! Fall-off-the-bone goodness.

• Steamed organic broccoli

• Sautéed pac choi (cabbage family) from our local farm (cooked with local organic sliced garlic in coconut oil and seasoned with sea salt and pepper)


Dinner 4:

• Grilled organic chicken breasts, topped with Rhubarb Chutney! We’ve been receiving rhubarb from our local farm and this is a great way to use it. The sweet and tangy flavor is delicious on grilled meats of your choice.

• Roasted asparagus (cooked with coconut oil and seasoned with sea salt and pepper)

• Mixed green organic salad (from our local farm) with organic grape tomatoes and olive oil and balsamic vinegar



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