Friday, October 28, 2011

Today was the first of a two day nutrition conference I’m attending. This mean a little extra prep time, but was very doable! I had a quick and early breakfast (although I did make paleo pancakes for my family before leaving!), packing a small cooler with two snacks and a lunch, and putting some meat in the crock-pot so that it was ready for all of us when I got home.
Couple scrambled eggs (omega 3)
1/2 an avocado
Black coffee
Snack 1:
A tuna salad made up of – 
Fresh spinach leaves, diced carrots, diced celery, diced cucumber, diced green apple, diced red bell pepper, canned yellowfin tuna, lemon juice and lemon pepper seasoning.
I also brought along a small container with diced avocado topped with lemon juice to add to the top of my salad.
It was delicious. 
Snack 2:
Steve’s Original grass fed beef jerky
Lemon Lara Bar

Mexican Salad:
Organic mixed greens, diced avocado, pumpkin salsa (jarred, with good ingredients), my own quick pico (combine diced grape tomatoes, diced green onions, diced red bell pepper, lime juice, black pepper, dash of cayenne)
This made for great leftovers to take to day 2 of my conference!!

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