Happy Valentine’s Day

In the shape of hearts for all my Valentines – 
• Fresh organic strawberries and raspberries
• Organic, nitrite/nitrate, gluten, soy, dairy free chicken breakfast sausage
Zucchini Berry Muffins (paleoplan.com)
• Black coffee
My son’s school lunch:
Today I challenged my little guy to see how many red things were in his lunch box. He was excited to get to school and have lunch. It’s amazing how shapes, names, and games with food keep my kids interested and encourages them to eat great meals:-)
• Leftover pot roast (from our organic, grass-fed meat share)
• Sliced cucumber, asparagus, grape tomatoes
• Sliced red pear
• Chocolate Lara Bar for dessert
• Honest kids fruit punch juice 
My lunch:
• Leftover pot roast with Cave Ketchup (from Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook)
• Leftover steamed asparagus
• Leftover mashed butternut squash (seasoned with cinnamon, sea salt, pepper and organic pasteur-raised butter)
V-day Dinner:
• Organic, grass-fed beef tenderloin from our local beef share – AMAZING!
• Topped with heart shaped bacon:-)
• Sautéed brussels sprouts (in coconut oil, seasoned with salt and pepper)
• Mashed sweet potatoes
• Glass of red wine
• Organic raspberries and strawberries “stuffed” with chocolate chips
• Served with coconut ice-cream 

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