Healthy Kids Tip: Placemats to Color

Are there any parents out there who struggle to keep little ones safely and productively entertained while preparing meals? I am always looking for ways to keep my boys happy, engaged, and in-sight, especially while I’m cooking dinner.
Here is one of my lucky finds…
“Are You Eating Something Green?” color-and-learn placemats by Ryan Sias. (
The front of each paper placemat (shown below) focuses on a color and some fruits and veggies that are that color.

The back of each placemat is where a child can practice their own coloring.

Kids can look at the produce of the given color, do their own artwork and ask you questions while you cook. Once their meal is ready to eat, they can see if they have any foods of that special color on their own plate. As a parent, you can use this opportunity to talk about the other colors on your plates and why it is healthy and fun to strive for a variety of naturally deep, bold, and colorful foods. 
Each “color” contains different types of antioxidants and phytochemicals that help you to be stronger, faster, smarter and happier. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables everyday. 
Note: You certainly don’t have to buy pre-made paper placemats to accomplish this task. You can create you own, or encourage older kids to draw their own with some guidelines you give them.

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