Helping Hands

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen can be one of the most important steps you can take to help teach them about what real food is, develop healthy habits and increase their appreciation for nourishing meals. With this said, it can be overwhelming, require LOTS of patients and also extra time! I am guilty of not including them as often as I hope to in order to just “get dinner on the table,” but when in the right mind-set and with a few extra breaths it is a rewarding and fun experience for all!
Today we had the boys help us make some sausage stuffed bacon wrapped dates for dessert. 
After my husband sliced each date vertically, the boys were in charge of removing the pits and setting them in a separate bowl.

We then rolled up a little balls of sausage for them to stuff inside the dates.

And with a little help, they wrapped the bacon and pierced their creations with a toothpick. 
It was fun to see them start to put it all together with very little assistance. 

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