Home Sweet Home

We are back! A great adventure over the last couple weeks ends with a deep appreciation for the place we call “home!”


Throughout a family wedding, time at our cabin, a trip to a family farm and camping in our new camper, we managed to maintain very “paleo-ish” nutrition. It’s just what we do. We make it a priority. The “ish” represents some of the things that were out of our control (such as what oils the meals we didn’t prepare ourselves were cooked in), a taste of family made wedding cake, and “vacation” let-down (for me this meant extra coffee, wine, and chocolate that didn’t match my quality standards). Of course, having a well stocked fridge and freezer made a HUGE difference in allowing us to stay on track and we are thankful for such a luxury while traveling. Below is a picture of our camper fridge as we left the house and set out on our journey. Filled with fresh produce from our local organic farm, homemade paleo snacks (muffins and Nora’s Nut Balls – recipe to be posted soon), organic meats, PaleoChef sauce and some leftovers.



If you followed Primal Peak on Instagram over the last two weeks, you saw a few of the meals we enjoyed on the road and with family. (Check them out on the right side bar of this page by clicking on @primalpeak under “Instagram’s”). Follow @primalpeak for future photos as well. Below is another fantastic road-trip meal and a few other pics to add to the mix…


Grass-fed organic rib steaks, cooked to juicy perfection on our portable charcoal grill.

Garden fresh zucchini and bell peppers with coconut oil, roasted in our camper oven.

Quick fresh guacamole and plantain chips. A great snack.

The complete meal.

Certified organic pork chops grilled over charcoal.

Carrots and almond butter.

I was very happy that I decided to bring a little bone broth along on our trip! The gelatin and soothing properties of bone broth help keep the gut intact and healthy. On a couple occassions we all enjoyed a mug of hot broth. I love to make my own, but having extra on hand from Wise Choice Market is never a bad idea.


Towards the end of our trip we visited my husband’s cousin’s farm, Homestead Organics Farm, in Hamilton, MT. We’ve been before and always vow to visit longer the next time. Even short stays are such a fulfilling experience for all of us.


The boys got a chance to explore the land, touch the animals, harvest strawberries, broccoli, cabbage and lettuce, and gather and wash the daily eggs.



I expected to return home with a nearly empty fridge, but instead it looked like this (see below)!!! How fortunate. All this amazing produce, fresh eggs, and an organic pastured chicken from Homestead Organics! It’s time to get cooking:-) And the first thing the boys wanted to do when we arrived back at our house was check our own garden to see what had changed. We found new cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, summer squash and snap peas waiting for us.



It’s time to get cooking:-)



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