Hungry for Healthy Campaign


Help us remove the “Sinister Seven” ingredients from our children’s lunch!


Many of you know I volunteer for an organization called EATS (Eat Awesome Things at School). At EATS, “we envision an environmentally and financially sustainable school food program that serves only nutritious, fresh foods that kids will eat and nurtures a generation of eaters who have varied tastes and a healthy, respectful relationship with food.” The programs currently in place include monthly Taste Tests, Cooking Classes and School Garden projects.




My interest in EATS not only stems from my passion for whole food nutrition and my belief that we must feed and teach our children well for their future well-being, but also because I have two young children who are intrigued by school lunch. Based on my own experience with school lunch growing up (I don’t remember ever wanting it, except maybe a pizza day or two when I quickly learned that it was not worth it), seeing reports on school lunches across the country, and seeing our local school lunch, I simply don’t want my own kids eating it! UNLESS – something changes!


And I now believe change is possible! In fact, if you are local to the Park City area, we are calling for your help with EATS’ current “Hungry for Healthy” community campaign to get the “Sinister 7” ingredients out of our school lunches! (If you are not local, read on for possible ideas on how you may help improve the school lunch program in your own area.)


The “Sinister 7” include:
  1. High-fructose corn syrup
  2. Artificial colors
  3. Artificial sweeteners and add sugars
  4. Artificial preservatives
  5. Trans fats and hydrogenated oils
  6. Hormones and antibiotics in beef and other meats where possible
  7. Bleached flour

“Research shows these ingredients can cause harmful, even life-threatening, effects on children and can be linked to hyperactivity, weight gain, cancer, digestive problems and other preventable diseases.” The Sinister Seven, or Seven Ingredients of Concern, have been outlined by The Life Time Foundation. Learn more at


This January, EATS is asking the Park City School District to eliminate these items from our children’s school lunch and serve foods with healthy, whole and natural ingredients. You can help us by…


1) Signing the Hungry for Healthy Petition to eliminate the “Sinister 7” TODAY! Simple, quick and effective!

2) Attending the January 19th School Board Meeting to make your voice heard

3) Writing to the school board directly at to let them know what foods are important to you to be in your child’s lunch, and which need to go.


We love our district lunch ladies and we want to help provide them with the best ingredients and tools we can as they continue to be such an important part of our kids’ day! Learn more at EATS Park City.

It’s not just lunch. It’s LIFE!




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