Join Our Next 30 Day Paleo Challenge!


Are you ready to reset and get back on track?! Summer is coming to an end and it’s commonly a time when many of us are ready to get into a routine, a schedule, and run a tighter ship!


Paleo Challenge app is reaching out to all those interested in 30 days of supportive commitment to each other as we strive for healthier versions of ourselves.


Encourage your friends and join Primal Peak for a month of real food! This “Primal” level challenge will begin on August 10th and each participant will be entered in a weekly drawing for fun giveaways and recognition. “Primal is a challenge geared towards a sustainable lifestyle and/or optimal performance.” Think of it as “paleo-plus:” the same foods, with some allowances indicative of everyday life (limited coffee, alcohol, safe-starches and more fruit).


How to “Join”:

1) Download “Paleo Challenge” on your smart phone from the App or Google Play store.

2) Select “Join Challenge” from the Home screen.

3) Search for the “Paleo Challenge Summer Check In” and select “View.”

4) “Join” and pay $9.99 (LESS than a bottle of wine!) to add yourself to the group.

5) Like Paleo Challenge on Facebook for updates on the challenge, motivation, support, and winner notifications.

6) Check out for more information on the app and helpful video tutorials on how to get the most out of using the app.


Important Tips:

* Join BEFORE August 10th in order to participate! No late entries accepted.

* Take this week to read to plan and prepare ahead!

* Familiarize yourself with the food lists!

* Enter your pre-challenge stats on the “My Stats” screen (2 side swipes from the Main Landing page) to quantify progress.


Have you ever participated in a group “paleo challenge”? If so, how has it benefited you? Share in the comments below.


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