Kate’s Plate

Welcome to the first Kate’s Plate post!   If you’ve read this blog for a while, Shannon has numerous posts giving readers a glimpse into what she eats in a day.  Here’s my first installment.  I tend to eat an 80/20 split paleo/non-paleo, and the 20 usually consists of gluten free things and wine.  I rarely eat gluten since it does a number on my stomach.  I  also eat full fat grass-fed yogurt since I tolerate dairy pretty well, and it helps with my gut.


I took some pictures of my typical day of eating, it’s nothing fancy, but it does the job.  I tend to eat more elaborate meals on the weekends and sometimes during the week, but not often.


For breakfast I ate a fried egg and chicken apple sausage over a bed of arugula and mixed greens.




My 10 am snack was a packet of olives.  I eat these pretty often, they are a good source of fat, don’t contain junk ingredients and are cheap!




For lunch (at my desk!), I had a big a salad with chicken and a ginger lemon dressing that Shannon and I are working on!




For dinner, more chicken!!  This time a roasted bone-in thigh with a lemon garlic sauce I made along side mixed roasted vegetables.




For a little dessert, I had a “glass” of horchata.  Califia Farms make this almond milk version which also contains tiger nut milk and rice milk (classic horchata).  It is delicious!



What’s on your plate today?

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