Last Bounty of the Season

Here it is: the last bounty of the official CSA season in a mountain town. No question, our growing season is SHORT. But, our local organic farm, Copper Moose, does an amazing job stretching the season as long as possible. What I will miss the most is the AMAZING mix of salad greens! So fresh, crisp, sweet and full of different textures.


Here are some photos of the last two weeks worth of goods:

• Purple carrots

• Beets (and thus beet greens)

• Purple cabbage

• Micro greens

• Mixed salad greens

• Arugula

• Garlic

• Tomatoes (not shown)

• Pie pumpkin (not shown) – my kids keep wanting to carve it, so I need to cook it up before they attack;-)

• Farm fresh eggs (I’ll miss these too!!!!) – we need some of our own chickens, I guess


• White/gold carrots

• Parsnips

• Rainbow chard

• Celery

• Micro greens

• Mixed salad greens

• Tomatoes

• Garlic

• Pie pumpkin

• Farm fresh eggs


This photo is of our dinner last night:

• Pulled pork from our LOCAL Taylor Made Beef farm: seasoned pork shoulder roast, slow cooked and mixed with PaleoChef Peach BBQ sauce

• Over our LOCAL mixed salad greens

• Sautéed LOCAL purple cabbage (cooked in lard, seasoned with salt and pepper)

• Roasted LOCAL carrots and parsnips (cooked in coconut oil, seasoned with salt and pepper)




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