Monday, April 24, 2012

Functional Mushrooms
Did you know that many mushroom varieties have immune boosting properties? I chopped and used this fun assortment in our morning “hash” today. 

I added some chopped green bell pepper, leftover grilled asparagus and leftover grass-fed rib-eye steak. I sautéed them in coconut oil and served with a side of scrambled organic, omega 3 eggs.

Tonight my husband was at a dinner banquet, so it was just me and the boys. I try to keep things slightly simpler when this is the case. Knowing tonight would be what it was, I had baked a couple pounds of chicken breasts the night before. Super easy: Pre-heat oven to 375; season chicken with dried thyme, lemon pepper, sea-salt and olive oil; place in a baking dish and cook on each side for 15 minutes (30 total) – voila! 
I sliced the chicken, paired it with leftover grilled asparagus, grilled red onions, grilled bell pepper, salad, and sliced apples. The center of my little guys’ plates had stone ground mustard – dipping makes any meal better to them!! 
My 4-year-old completely cleaned his plate and had some extra apple for “desert”. My 2-year-old did a great job too, trying everything for great variety. 
My boys’ plates looked like this (above)

My dinner plate (above). EASY, fresh, delicious!

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