My Paleo Plate 9-16-12

• Sweet Potato Vegetable Latkes (from Sweet Potato Power by Ashley Tudor – check it out!)
• Applegate Farms Bacon
• Black coffee

We had a GIANT zucchini from our local farm that I had shredded a few days before to make paleo muffins. Well, the shredded zucchini is multiplying in the fridge (I swear), so I’ve been looking for all kinds of recipes to use it up:-) This was a keeper.
It’s always nice to try a new recipe on Sunday morning, at least in my opinion. I OFTEN try new recipes – I just like to experiment, offer my family new flavors, and learn new tricks in the kitchen. I also try new recipes MID-week as we are all racing to get out the door for school or the CrossFit gym – not always the best choice. I seem to manage to get it done on those mornings, but it was definitely more fun and less stressful to give these latkes a FIRST try on Sunday:-) 
I even put my four-year-old to work (he asked if he could help), adding the ingredients to the bowl and mixing. HONESTLY, his words were “these are delicious!” as he chomped away on four of them. No question, kids are more excited about food when they help prepare it! 
• Grilled chicken thighs (rubbed with lemon pepper, garlic, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper)
• Leftover baked sweet potatoes
• Beet salad (steamed and sliced beets, soaked and dehydrated walnuts, chives, avocado, and a sprinkle of raw blue cheese over mixed organic greens), topped with olive oil and lemon juice
• Home grown cherry tomatoes

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