My Personal Paleo Challenge

My own ‘Paleo Challenge’ starts tomorrow! I’m I nervous or worried? No, not at all. I’ve been eating this way for quite some time. But, I am excited to challenge my own habits and really dig deep for the next month. I have a few personal goals over the next four weeks:

• No more than one cup of black coffee per day (first thing in the morning).
No dairy (aside from Ghee, for occasional cooking). We don’t eat much dairy in our house, but we do include raw cheese, pastured butter and pastured heavy cream every now and then.
No alcohol.
None of my favorite stone ground dark chocolate.
My family and I spent this evening entertaining some friends (non-paleo, but as athletes, very open to it). We enjoyed… 
• amazing rib-eyes and new york steaks from our recent purchase of a 1/2 grass-fed and finished cow 
• baked sweet potato fries (coated with coconut oil)
• mixed green salad with chopped red bell pepper, diced pear, and cherry tomatoes (balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dressing)
• and roasted asparagus. 
All very ‘paleo’. But, we finished off the night with a homemade pumpkin chiffon pie. I had a pie pumpkin from our last farm produce pick up of the season that was ready to be used. I had promised my boys that we would make pumpkin pie from it and by all means I wanted to enjoy it too!! In order to give myself (and my husband) a fair chance at our ‘paleo challenge’ goals, it was now or never:-) It wasn’t totally sinful! A local, organic pumpkin, roasted and pureed! And the crust was made from ground almonds and pecans, NOT flour! The partial sin came from the honey (although raw and local) and the maple syrup used for the touch of sweetness. While the pie didn’t stay together in perfect pie form (the pumpkin had quite a bit of moisture and I wanted to use it all), it was fantastic!!!! Oh, and I did whip up some pastured heavy whipping cream (no sweetener or anything added) to top it off. I can look forward to enjoying it again at Thanksgiving! 

Cheers to ‘Paleo’!

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  • Anonymous 6 years ago Reply

    Thanks for all your updates and ideas – love the way your pantry looks with the nuts in jars and canned items. Also love the journal idea going to start that along with my food journal that I’m currently keeping. Tanya

  • Your welcome, Tanya! Thank YOU for the comment! Yay to journaling. I really think it helps! Keep up the great work:-)

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