My Plate 1-1-13

Happy New Year!!
Today we were heading to the mountain to ski as a family, so while we weren’t in a huge rush, we kept breakfast fairly simple so we could focus on rounding up the boys and all their gear.
• Scrambled eggs (cooked with ghee)
• Organic arugula topped with salsa
• Clementines on the side
Since it was New Year’s Day, I did add a little treat to the start of our day and baked up some White Lion Baking Co., ‘paleo’ coffee cake! With and almond and coconut flour base, a touch of added raw honey, cinnamon flavors and walnuts, it was amazing!! Not something I would recommend often, but definitely a great treat for us and the boys on New Year’s morning.
Hard to eat just one piece!
We normally like to come home from the mountain for lunch (our little guy needs naps still anyway), or bring our own, but today we ate at the resort.
• Burgers (no bun!) wrapped with lettuce, sliced tomato and onion
• Pad Thai with Sunshine Sauce from Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed cookbook
While our boys didn’t care for this creation, my husband and I thought it was great! I love trying Melissa’s recipes on occasion for their unique and tasty flavors. My husband even took some leftovers the next day on his back country ski tour and said it was just as delicious cold.

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