My Plate: 1-5-16

Here’s a quick peek at what a day of eating looked like for me this week. Use it for ideas, or for the reminder that you can keep real food simple and sometimes we all have to adjust on the fly.




• 2 pastured egg omelet with a touch of raw, grass-fed cheddar and leftover steamed broccoli.

• Local pastured bacon.

• Leftover steamed red potatoes, sliced and pan fried in ghee.

• Organic strawberries

Full disclaimer: not all my breakfast plates look like this, but I had some great leftovers to use up and it came together very quickly!





• Leftover Ginger Carrot Soup with fresh parsley (chopped the night before).

• All natural, nitrate/nitrite free roast turkey deli meat.

• Leftover roasted asparagus.




Here’s where the mishap and quick adjustment happened! Burnt lamb burgers:(


I used to rely on my husband to be the grill master. However, I got tired of planning grill night around his busy schedule, so a year or two ago I learned to do it myself. And for the most part, my meats have turned out great. But, I have NO IDEA what happened here. I was all excited about a new lamb burger recipe I had in my head. I turned the grill on to heat up as normal, turned down the heat to low, added the burgers and came back after 5 minutes to a completely charred mess! I never even flipped them;-/ It was a really cold and windy night, so I’m blaming the weather.


Needless to say, I had to quickly adapt and throw some organic apple chicken sausages in a pan for my hungry boys that would be home from Jiu Jitsu any moment. I sautéed up some thin sliced red onion and we were good to go.  Stay tuned for lamb burger attempt #2.



• Organic chicken apple sausages over spinach and topped with sautéed red onion and organic feta.

• Roasted purple sweet potatoes (tossed in coconut oil). These aren’t great for my SIBO belly, but the rest of my family enjoys them.

• Roasted organic broccoli (tossed in coconut oil).


What’s on your plate today?


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  • Nancy Tallman 3 years ago Reply

    I love your honesty with the lamb burgers. I recently over cooked steaks (to medium/medium well when we all prefer medium-rare). I felt like a big failure. I guess if you cook enough, you won’t bat 1,000 and an occasional fail is inevitable.

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