My Plate 10-24-12

Today we had…
• Applegate Organics Chicken & Apple sausages (cooked in coconut oil)
(Ingredients: Organic chicken, organic dried apples, sodium lactate from beets, sea salt, organic apple juice concentrate, organic spices, organic garlic)
• Omelettes with diced red bell pepper, zucchini and red onion
Yes, the eggs were really that yellow (pastured eggs have so much more rich color to the yolks!
• Avocado and salsa

• Leftover Bora Bora Fireballs (I’m surprised these stuck around our house so long! I’m not complaining though!)
• Leftover spaghetti squash
• Banana
• Scoop of almond butter
Kind of a random lunch, but it was yummy:-)
We often use Organic Valley’s Pastured butter for some of our recipes, as a partial cooking fat and for flavor, but with the ‘paleo challenge’ that’s on the no list. So Ghee it is! I’ve used Ghee a bunch, but never to sauté veggies or for it’s buttery flavor. Tonight I used it to cook up some asparagus.

• Asparagus (melted Ghee in pan, added chopped fresh sage (letting it brown a bit), tossed in chopped asparagus and salt and pepper). Yum!!
• Cauliflower rice (with small amount of dried apricots and raisins, pine nuts, garlic, cinnamon and cumin) – recipe from Well Fed (by Melissa Joulwan).
• Grilled wild sockeye salmon (seasoned with olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh thyme and lemon juice)

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