My Plate 11-28-12

It’s certainly not the time of year for fresh blueberries where we live, but frozen fruits and veggies can be great to have on hand as a substitute. Most produce maintains the majority of its nutrients when frozen, thus being a better option than fresh items that have traveled from far distant countries!

• Chicken sausage
• Black coffee

Make A Wish!!
Does anyone save the wishbone of a turkey for a tug-of-war challenge and a wish-come-true?! I remember always being hopeful for the bigger half in my wishful pull as a kid, so it was fun to find the wishbones from our Thanksgiving turkeys this year and introduce the tradition to my kids.

Earlier this week I had made a HUGE pot of turkey stock from our leftover Thanksgiving birds. After hours of simmering on the stove, I pulled out the carcasses to pick off the meat and save for soup. As I was setting aside big and little chunks, it felt like Christmas morning or finding a hidden treasure. Any little piece was savored and appreciated. Feeling this way made me think back a few years ago to when I would have looked at the same carcass as “used up” with hardly anything to offer. I can certainly say that I feel more connected and appreciative of my food now! 
After I had scavenged all edible parts, I put the bones back into the stock pot to keep simmering and maximize the nutrient content of the broth.
When all was done, I strained the broth, froze a bunch, and set aside the rest to make turkey soup. It was delicious!

• A big bowl of Turkey Soup

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