My Plate: 11-8-15

Here’s a quick view of what “My Plate” looked like over the last day.




These primal egg sandwiches are one of my favorites! A two egg omelette with 1/2 oz. Organic Valley raw and grass-fed cheddar, and mixed organic salad greens sandwiched between Banana Paleo Pancakes!




Leftover Ginger Carrot Soup and leftover Meatza (from our Friday “Meatza Movie Night”)!




7 oz. (half of this bottle) of “Pressery’s Drinking Vinegar.” Made with coconut vinegar, it’s a good source of healthy gut and digestive properties. More to come on this soon at Primal Peak.



And a couple bites of “Paleonola.” This is dangerous to keep on hand because it’s so tasty and easy to overeat. But, I managed to keep it to a “tide-me-over-until-dinner” serving size.



Fall Harvest Salad

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  • Nelda McAllister 3 years ago Reply

    Literally drooling over your breakfast!! Your my plates are soooo inspirational!

    primalpeak 3 years ago Reply

    Thanks, Nelda!

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