My Plate: March 12, 2013


• Blueberry Banana Paleo Pancakes

• Sauteed diced chicken sausage over organic greens

• Topped with salsa

• Clementine



• Leftover grilled flank steak

• Served over mixed green salad with peppers, avocado, tomato and pumpkin seeds

• Topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

• Side of leftover sweet potato fries (two varieties)


Ever thought of adding short rib meat to your burgers?! I certainly hadn’t until a good friend of mine, Sarah, pointed me towards PaleOMG’s Maple Mustard Short Rib Bacon Burgers!! You let the ribs cook in the crockpot all day with some Paleo Chef Maple Mustard sauce, shed the meat and add it to grass-fed ground beef and other goodness to make burger patties. Grill, or pan sear, top with crispy bacon and you’re in for a treat. Check out the recipe link above.



• Maple Mustard Short Rib Bacon Burgers

• Served over arugula

• Topped with avocado

• Side of mash butternut squash



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  • Lizy 6 years ago Reply

    How do you make your sweet potato fries? I always end up burning mine when trying to get them crispy.

  • primalpeak 6 years ago Reply

    Hi Lizy,
    I just posted my sweet potato fries recipe. Hope it helps! There’s definitely a fine line:-)

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