Our 2013 CSA Season is Here!!


We feel so fortunate to live just down the road from a great organic farm! Planning and cooking our meals based around real, whole, colorful foods tastes fantastic, but nothing beats knowing how and where that food was grown! It just feels invigorating.


Yesterday marked the first pick-up of our seasonal CSA (community supported agriculture) share. (I’m always jealous of those of you who live in a climate with a year-round CSA opportunity!) My oldest son and I went over to the farm in the late afternoon, anxiously awaiting the surprise bounty. “Mom, do you think we’ll get to pick peas today? Will there be fresh honey from the beehive? Can I help you choose the veggies?” It was great to see my son so excited based on what he remembered from the previous summer. And as he helped me load up our bag we talked about what everything was and how we might use it.



The Goods:

• Mixed salad greens: my favorite!! A mix of 14 varieties, so tender and flavorful.

• Arugula: love with my eggs in the morning!

• Micro greens: little baby greens that are great toppers or salad additions.

• Basil: smells so fresh and summery.

• Tarragon: fun to try with new dishes, as I rarely buy fresh tarragon at the store.

• Radishes: colorful and strong! Stay tuned for a post on creative ways to use radishes!

• Garlic: can never have too much.

• Rhubarb: check out this recipe for Rhubarb Chutney!

• Fresh eggs!!!!!


While I didn’t have time to think through any “recipes” using more of our fresh ingredients, I always have time to throw together a great salad and I couldn’t wait to eat our mixed farm greens!


• Grilled chicken thighs

• Sautéed asparagus (cooked in ghee and seasoned with sea salt and pepper)

• Sautéed shitake mushrooms

• Mixed green salad: with chopped carrots, bell peppers, fresh basil and pine nuts (tossed with peach balsamic and olive oil)


Check out Local Harvest to find your local CSA and farmer’s markets!!!

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