Out With the OLD, In With the NEW

Bread NO-more! 
Paleo Challengers, it’s time for the fun to begin! If you are already mid-challenge, or if your challenge is just about to begin, hopefully you’ve cleaned out your pantry and emptied your fridge of all those irritating, inflammatory foods (like this loaf of bread)! If they aren’t in front of you, it’s a whole lot harder to give-in to the temptations and cravings. If wasting food is hard to stomach, bring your non-paleo items to your local shelter for those who are simply in need of any food.
Once you’ve gotten rid of the old, you should be well-stocked, or making your lists, with…
Quality MEAT!! 
Healthy FATS!!
And a few acceptable canned and jarred staples.
Now, I would encourage you to sit down with a pen and paper (or your iPad) and plan out the next few days to come. If you eat most meals at home, set aside a few fun recipes from your favorite paleo chefs to try (check out the links to some of my favorite paleo websites and blogs – there are many great recipes out there). If you eat lunch at the office, jot down what foods you plan to pack in your cooler, or how you will navigate the restaurant scene. If you spend many of your days traveling away from home, make sure you think ahead and pack some paleo-survival foods with you! 
A few extra minutes of planning and preparing means a few steps closer to a successful you!!! 

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