Paleo Parents (and Grandparents)!!

To Grammy and Grampy’s house we go!!
As I mentioned in my post on the ASH12, my family and I headed back east a few weeks ago for a visit with my folks (as well as a couple seminars). TWO weeks at their house on 10 beautiful acres, the beach near-by and lots of boy-brained activities for my little rug-rats! We were all looking forward to it!
 But, what about food, you paleo-eaters might ask? Isn’t that the hardest part of being away from home – maintaining an animal, plant and healthy fat based diet? NOT when we go to my parents! I’m proud to say that they have been eating pretty-hard-core paleo for well over a year now. They love it, feel better than they’ve felt in many years and are always reading, learning and further tweaking for their own needs. They lost fat, lowered their blood pressure, improved digestive distress and eliminated some specific arthritic pain! Needless to say, we ate awesome meals with a huge thanks to the chef: my mom! 
Although I think my boys ate my parents out of house and home! I’m so proud:-)
I owe my mom lots of credit for my love and understanding of real food. Even though I didn’t grow up eating “paleo”, my mom devoted LOTS of time to preparing our food from scratch and teaching an appreciation for quality. This is something that has always been important to me to pass on the my kids.
Below are some examples of the meals we ate. 
Sweet potato and broccoli frittata. A great breakfast!

Crockpot shredded pork with carrots; sautéed summer squash and onions; organic mixed green salad

Sautéed chicken breasts with spinach and mushrooms (in grass-fed butter); avocado with salsa; diced cucumbers

Kids plate (above):
Paleo meatloaf (adapted from Sarah Fragoso’s, Everyday Paleo recipe); mashed cauliflower; sautéed brussels sprouts; organic mixed green salad. The above photo is of one of my son’s plates and below is of my plate and separate side salad. I wanted to throw in a few of these comparisons to help show what my kids eat too:) 

Kids plate (above):
Blueberry Paleo Pancakes and chicken sausages.

My plate (above): 
A copule fried eggs in addition.

Kids plate (above):
Grilled pork tenderloin; roasted asparagus (in coconut oil); sautéed sweet potatoes (in coconut oil); organic mixed green salad.

My plate (above): 

Kids plate (above):
Baked bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts; steamed broccoli; mashed butternut squash and organic mixed green salad

My plate:

Spaghetti squash topped with tomato sauces, sautéed peppers and coconut chicken tenders. These had to be rationed with my boys because they LOVED them so much!

The last day we were in town, we made one last trip to the beach. Our beach outings included a cooler packed with paleo-goodness (left-overs from the previous dinner). Here’s one of my little guys chilling with Grampy and snacking on coconut chicken tenders, grape tomatoes, cucumber slices and raw walnuts. YUM!
Thanks for a great trip!

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