Paleo Pumpkin Carving Party

Who says you cannot celebrate Halloween “paleo-style”?!


We just hosted a family pumpkin carving, pre-Halloween party. It was a blast! We’ve done so the last few years and each time I have fun coming up with creative “paleo-friendly” options for our meal. Between seasonal activities, seeing their cousins and tasty food, the boys always love this day.



On the Menu:


First of all, I CAN’T take credit for much of the creativity this year, aside from piecing together the parts. This super fun Veggie Skeleton idea came from a friend of mine who sent me a similar picture. I changed a couple things and added our favorite paleo hummus dips (“Walnut Red Pepper Dip” from Everyday Paleo and “Black Olive Tapenade” from Eat Like a Dinosaur) in small ramekins (the hands and feet). It was a huge hit for both the kids and grown ups.




I also grabbed these Halloween fruit ideas off of Pinterest! Peeled clementine oranges with celery sticks through the center quickly become cute little pumpkins! And halved bananas with soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free chocolate chips morph into ghoulish ghosts!



Bobbing for apples has been a tradition for our family for years and the kids are getting old enough to master the technique! Girls and boys with their heads submerged in the bucket – who will come up victorious?




“Brains” and “eyeballs” anyone? When I first received Bill and Haley’s book, Gather, The Art of Paleo Entertaining, this dish caught my ‘eye’ and I was set on trying it out for this very occasion. It certainly did not disappoint. “Spaghetti and ‘Eyeballs'” had great flavors and a fittingly spooky appeal.



Donuts-On-A-String is another Halloween activity that boys look forward to. So, when I saw Danielle Walker’s “Pumpkin Donut” recipe in Against all Grain, I bought my first donut pan and went to town. Delish! We had received some pie pumpkins from our local farm and it was a great opportunity to mix in the fresh pumpkin. I used my favorite stone ground, Taza dark chocolate to make the “frosting” and voila – a grain-free, more wholesome version of “the donut.” Another party success.



Capping the night by lighting our freshly carved jack-o-lanterns was a fun way to bring the party to an end.



I hope this post shows that real food and healthier versions of the sweets we love can shape a party for all to enjoy. Living a “primal lifestyle” shouldn’t be “boring” or leave you feeling “deprived.” Making your own traditional foods with real ingredients is rewarding and feels so much better on the system for days to come. Get creative and involve your family and friends in the process!


Happy Halloween!!



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