Primal Road Trip to Telluride

If you’ve never been to Telluride, CO, I highly encourage you to GO! It’s spectacular!
At the end of last week, our family took a road trip to Telluride for one of my best friend’s weddings! Everything about the weekend was great: the views, crisp air, catching up with close friends, letting the boys explore on their bikes, and CELEBRATION! 
Can you celebrate paleo-style? Absolutely!
I regret not having better photo documentation of our trip, but the balance of time and enjoying company took precedence. But, I can still share a few tips with you and describe how we managed many paleo-friendly meals while away from home. Two of those tips being:
* Plan ahead and have food to take with you!
* When possible, stay in a place with a kitchen or kitchenette! It may cost more up-front, but you will save in conveniences and in meals out!
Last meal pre-trip:
Our last meal at home before we jumped in the truck was breakfast. I made it a point to load us up on lots of quality green veggies, because those can be the most difficult to get while traveling. We had:
• Eggs (pastured, organic) scrambled in coconut oil with leftover roasted asparagus
• Sautéed spinach and onions in coconut oil
• Applegate Farms bacon
• Cherry tomatoes from our garden (probably the last because temps are dropping!)
• Organic strawberries (it was easier to throw apples, oranges and bananas in our to-go bag)
• Black coffee
Like I said in many previous posts, leftovers are key for maintaining a paleo-lifestyle in our family and road-tripping is no exception. In fact, a road-trip can be much easier to pack for than traveling by plane, so we are thankful when the opportunity to do so is there. Utilizing a big cooler is easy! We stopped at a rest area about 4 hours into our trip, pulled out our big cooler, some paper towels, and made ourselves at home at a picnic table in the sun. We chowed down on:
• Leftover pork chops (locally raised) with sautéed apples and onions
• Leftover baked sweet potato
• Organic mixed greens (last of the year from our local farm – certainly couldn’t waste those!)
• Sliced raw yellow and orange organic bell peppers
• Sliced organic carrots
• Organic whole apples (the boys preferred working on those over the leftover cooked apples)
• Black olives
• Water!
One of my favorite benefits of converting to a fat-burner (over a carb-burner) is that on road-trips I am no longer obsessed with my next snack or meal. I used to be continuously hungry on road-trips and now I can just enjoy the ride with little thought of food! It’s been a welcomed changed.
• Homemade trail mix (almonds (soaked and dehydrated), raw walnuts, raw macadamias, unsweetened coconut flakes, dried blueberries, dark chocolate bits)
Rehearsal Dinner:
We rolled into town late that afternoon (about 7 1/2 hours on the road) and it was time to change and head to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Dinner was at a great restaurant at the top of the gondola ride  between in-town Telluride and Mountain Village. The view was gorgeous and food delicious. 
• I passed on the bread basket (easy to do – never would have believed it 2 years ago)
• Mixed green salad
• Wild salmon
• Flour-less chocolate cake (this was well worth the indulgence! A conscious decision while sitting next to my soon-to-be-married great friend and her soon-to-be-husband!)
• Glass of red wine
• LOTS of water (we were up over 10,000 feet)
Breakfast – day 2:
We still had leftovers that we brought from home waiting in our lodge refrigerator!
• Banana Paleo Pancakes (that I had made the morning before we left for our trip)
• Applegate Farms apple chicken sausages (again, I had cooked a double batch the morning before leaving so that we would have these for our trip)
• Clementines 
• Black coffee
Lunch – day 2:
More goods that we brought with us!
• Lunch meat roll ups (Applegate Farms Organics)
• Organic mixed salad greens
• Black olives
• Sliced peppers
• Organic apple
Wedding Dinner:
• Butternut squash soup
• Beef tenderloin
• Asparagus
• Mashed potatoes (had a couple bites, left the rest)
• Wine
• SKIPPED the cupcake (had the situation been different I would have happily indulged, but at this wedding, it was more of a help yourself approach and no big “ta-do” so it was an easy pass-up).
Not a fully-approved ‘paleo’ meal! But, certainly a justified occasion, and close to our ways none-the-less.
Breakfast – day 3:
This morning’s breakfast worked out perfectly. We gathered at the condo that good friends of ours were renting during the wedding weekend. Big YAY that this group of friends eats similar:-) A couple of the hubbies made breakfast consisting of:
• Scrambled eggs with diced peppers, ham, and spinach
• Quality bacon
• Cherry tomatoes
• Cut up apples and oranges
• Black coffee
Mid-morning we headed to the bride’s parents’ home for a “Coffee and Pastries” get-together. It felt so nice to not be craving a bite of the spread of treats that were so easily accessible! I was satisfied from our awesome breakfast, in fantastic company, cup of coffee in hand, with an amazing view (the photo at the top of this post was taken from their back patio!!) – what more could I ask for?! 
Lunch – day 3:
I made it back to our lodge after the boys and my husband devoured near to the last of provisions from home:
• Salami
• Organic apples
But, we still had:
• Bananas 
• Homemade trail mix 
Dinner – day 3:
After the boys took a great nap we headed into Telluride for an afternoon at the park and some dinner. We met up with the bride and groom and munched on some mexican food from a restaurant that advertises “whole foods,” “organic, free-range, additive-free and locally grown ingredients.” Score! Mexican cuisine can be one of the easier go-to’s when eating out paleo-style, but to also know that a place takes pride in where the food comes from is certainly a bonus! 
• Big garden salad with all kinds of veggies, slow-roasted pulled chicken, and a big side of fresh guacamole! 
• Here’s where I went wrong: the table splurged on a couple pitchers of margaritas! My stomach felt less than great that evening and I think this may have been the culprit. Not because I had too much – I was very good about that. But, because of the sugars mixed with the alcohol. Back to Nor-Cal margaritas for me!
Breakfast – day 4 (time to head home):
Before heading out of town we stopped for breakfast at one of the local family spots. 
• Fresh omelette with diced peppers, tomatoes, and ham
• Substitute fresh fruit for toast
• Side of bacon
• Black coffee
Lunch – day 4:
On our way out of Telluride we stopped at The Market for a few provisions:
• Organic lunch meat
• Organic, local, fully cooked sausage
• Bell pepper
• Carrots
• Locally grown apples
• Raw organic almonds and walnuts
This is what we ate at our stopping point in Moab at Slick Rock. We enjoyed good food, fresh air, beautiful scenery and the boys were able to get their first taste of riding on Red Rock! 

Dinner – day 4:
Home again, home again! 
Although we were all ready to get home we stopped at our local Whole Foods before reaching our house to get food for dinner. It was well worth it!
• Buffalo rib eyes (our 2 1/2 year old ate an ENTIRE rib eye himself!)
• Sautéed haricots verts (in coconut oil, with sea salt, black pepper and a touch of pastured butter)
• Local orange cherry tomatoes
• Diced avocado
• Lots of water
Congrats to Lindsay and Justin! Thanks for such an awesome weekend!!!

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