Quick Easy Snack- Apple Salami Bites

Apple Salami Bites
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
  • 1 apple
  • 6 slices salami (such as Applegate Organics)
  • ½ an avocado, sliced
  • Raw, organic cheddar cheese (optional)
  1. Core apple and slice horizontally
  2. Top each slice with a piece of salami
  3. Finish off with sliced avocado
  4. If using cheese, place between salami and avocado
A quick and easy snack, great for kids and grown-ups alike!


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Comments (2)

  • Anonymous 7 years ago Reply

    Hi Shannon,
    I noticed you had some organic cheese in your salami bites and wanted to ask you about the whole cheese and Paleo. I was looking at Make it Paleo cookbook and noticed that they also had a recipe with goat cheese in it. Is goat cheese ok, and after the 30days straight Paleo can you add a little dairy back? What’s you take on it?

    Tanya Roach

  • Hi Tanya,
    Dairy and paleo is a very individual decision. I do think it’s important to go 30 days without (straight Paleo) before testing how your body responds. When introducing it back in, if you feel good (no symptoms), I think quality dairy can be ok. Paleo advocates recommend organic, pasture-raised, and raw (unpasteurized). Personally, I include a little raw cheese (most goat cheese would fall into this category I think) and organic, pasture-raised butter from time to time.
    Hope that helps!!

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