Recording Your Paleo Progress

Okay, ‘Paleo Challenge’ peeps, take a moment to check in with yourself. Take a moment to reflect on why it is you want to make changes to your current habits. Why try a paleo way of eating?

• Maybe you want to…

– have more energy throughout the day

– set a good example for your children

– be able to play with the grandkids

– lose weight

– decrease blood pressure

– improve your quality of sleep

– increase your work capacity in your CrossFit workouts

– perform better in your sport

– improve your digestive health

– help prevent chronic disease

– etc.

• Keep a journal and write down why you want to make changes to your current behavior! Seriously, WRITE IT DOWN!

• Record how you currently feel in this notebook, journal, on your computer, etc.

• Take pictures and measurements. Save them.

• Get your body composition measured. Record the number.

• Get your blood work done (Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose, LDL particle size, Hba1c (blood glucose over time), C-reative protein (a marker of systemic inflammation) – all good measures to ask for). Keep your results.

• Record what you are feeling throughout the challenge: highs and lows, cravings, sleep, etc.

• When you feel terrible (this may happen as your body is working out its toxins and you are converting to a fat burner), or you really want to give-in to a bite of your favorite non-paleo foods, go back to your notebook and read why you want to make these changes! What are you hoping to achieve? Your well on your way… stay strong, it will be worth it.

• Stay off the scale throughout the allotted challenge time. It may be tempting to get on the scale each day or each week to see if any weight loss is taking place. But, what’s more important is your body composition and how you feel. Your weight will work itself out over time. Remember, this is not meant to be a quick weight-loss solution; it’s a journey towards a better overall you!

Time and time again, I hear people say that they wished they had taken photos, measured their waist, hip or arm circumference, gotten their blood work done and journaled how they felt before adopting such changes in their life. Here’s your chance. No regrets.

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