School Lunch 4

I made my kiddos their own little “lunchables” last week. I’ve never bought a true Lunchable and am pretty certain I never will. But, how easy is it to make your own?! Certainly not as easy as taking a prepackaged “franken” meal from fridge to lunchbox, but with a few resources on hand, this lunch was super quick to throw together and my boys loved it – REAL FOOD and all!
• Cooked cold shrimp (contained in a silicone muffin cup)
• Salami and cheese layers (I used Organic Valley raw Cheddar and Applegate Organics Salami – see photo below)
• Roasted asparagus spears (leftovers)
• Sliced cucumber
• Walnut and Roasted Red Pepper Dip (Sarah Fragoso’s recipe from Everyday Paleo cookbook)
• Grapes
• Zucchini Berry Muffin (made a couple days before) (recipe link)

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