The Start of a New Season

Fall is in the air!

This is by far my favorite time of year! I only wish it lasted a little longer where we live. We’ve had glimpses of brisk air in the last week or two, buy yesterday truly felt like Fall to me. Which means, bring on the autumn recipes and family activities!


We started our Sunday morning looking at the green pumpkins the kiddos harvested on their own from our garden. They must have sensed that after the couple of frosts we’ve had they needed to be picked. No, they are not supposed to be green, but we didn’t plant them until JUNE and they are meant to be started inside in March, so we are pretty pleased with the progress they made in this short window. And the best part is how involved the Littles were with them. They had saved some seeds from pumpkins we carved last Halloween in hopes of growing our own this year. We had cleaned and dried them and kept them in a glass jar for safe keeping. The boys then planted the seeds this summer and have LOVED watching the plants and then pumpkins grow. Each day they say, “let’s go check on the pumpkins!” How fun for them to see this process! We promised we would be more on top of it next year.



Fall also means, it’s time to start adding pumpkin to our favorite paleo pancakes. That’s just what we did for breakfast.



Check out the Pumpkin Banana Paleo Pancakes recipe.



After breakfast, the boys got right to work pulling plants out of the garden. Dirt, snippers, and gardening gloves. What could be better to a little boy? Busy little bees – beats video games!



The night before we had enjoyed Balsamic Rosemary Grilled Pork Chops over sautéed cabbage, paired with potato leek soup (not shown). Our 5 year old was not thrilled about the cabbage, but said, “if this were sauerkraut, I’d eat two plates.” I know, he’s unique. Not every 5 year old jumps at the opportunity of sauerkraut. But, we figured we would honor his request and pair the leftover sautéed cabbage with some fermented cabbage for a delicious lunch!



While I’m working on mastering my own sauerkraut techniques, we use Bubbie’s brand for the real deal in fermentation.



What else says colder months ahead? Brussels sprouts! We sautéed up a batch (in coconut oil with salt and pepper) and brought them over to friends’ house to pair with dinner. They just received their first whole cow (grass-fed) and invited us over to enjoy some burgers topped with guacamole, and sautéed mushrooms and onions. So tasty!


To top it off, we finished our day by watching and listening to a group of bugling elks in the mountains by our house. If you’ve never heard this amazing sound, check it out HERE!


What’s your favorite time of year for great paleo food and primal activities?

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