Trick-or-Treat Bucket

What do you hand out to Trick-or-Treaters? 
Halloween can be a challenging holiday for paleo-eaters! The thought of your little ghouls going out to load up a bag, bucket, or pillowcase with “franken treats” full of chemicals, colorings and man-made sugars can be tough to swallow. And feeling good about adding to the pile when tiny vampires come to your door can be equally hard. 
What I’ve done the last couple years to ease such “uneasy” feelings, and still allow for some fun:
• Fill my boys up with a warm, nutrient dense, paleo-friendly Fall meal before we hit the neighborhood. 
• Encourage the event to be about seeing all the fun costumes, haunted houses and enjoying time with friends and family, while they morph into their character of choice.
• Enjoy seeing who comes knocking on our door and letting them hand out goodies to others.
• Picking their favorite 5 (# to be determined by you) treats from their own bucket to keep and enjoy.
• Donating the rest to our local dentist (many dental offices or other organizations have post-halloween donation or buy-back programs you can participate in).
• Moving on to other quality, homemade, Fall paleo-treats as we gear up for our Thanksgiving celebrations.

• I always try and fill our hand-out bucket with a mixture of Halloween “toys” or trinkets and higher quality treats. Examples:
• Quality dark chocolate squares
• Honey sticks
• Raisins
• Halloween stickers
• Halloween tattoos
• Halloween straws
• Pencils
• Bouncy balls
• Spider rings
What do you fill your bucket with? Share your ideas!
Those of you on a ‘paleo challenge’ right now, stay-strong, get rid of leftovers asap and find alternative snacks. Your favorite candy bar might taste good in the moment, but the enjoyment doesn’t last long and it isn’t worth it in the long run.

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