Wilma and Fred Tag-Team with the Cavekids

Shannon Doleac


I recently returned from the one and only PaleoF(x) conference in Austin. It was fabulous on so many levels, and I hope to share a few things in the weeks to come. HOWEVER, this post is not meant to be about my experience, but about how great my husband did at picking up where I left off on the home front.


First off, he’s a great team player at home anyway! He always been one to step up and help with dishes, grilling, de-cluttering (even when I don’t necessarily want to de-clutter), and occasional chores. He’s recently upped his game to help more with breakfast prep and even some laundry;-/ Needless to say, I am so thankful for all he does.


My concern over the five days I would be gone was his lack of advanced planning (at least in comparison to me). He would be responsible for packing the boys’ lunches, cooking dinner and feeding the pets. I knew he would be fully capable if I put together a menu and had all the food necessary in the fridge and pantry. But, he told me, “I got it, don’t worry.” So, I left him to figure it out. And while he did it his way (slightly different from mine), he nailed it.


Instead of packing lunches for school before the boys woke up, he simply had them help pack their own containers. While lunch was a little less diversified, and slightly emptier, the boys managed to get “something green,” a fruit, some protein, and a source of healthy fats packed up. I’ll take it!





For dinner, he pulled together some great veggies for a salad (using the food processor to cut down on chopping time – finding the most efficient way to do something is one of his strengths), and thwarted some local pork sausage to pair with a tomato sauce and top Capello’s grain-free gnocchi. Way better than going out to eat!





The hubby took it one step further over the weekend and brought the boys to catch their own dinner! Connecting to nature, going on the hunt, and appreciating their meal even more.





The boys stopped on their way home at the local dairy for some raw milk and pastured eggs (with the richest orange yolks!).





Upon my arrival back at the cave, furniture had been rearranged, new organizational systems put in place, and more de-cluttering had occurred (he likes to make change while I’m away because I’m not there to say “no”)! But, I was also so happy to find plenty of leftovers (steak, mashed sweet potato, and roasted Brussels sprouts) in the fridge from my husband’s weekend of Mr. Mom that I didn’t even have to cook dinner that night! They even saved me a paleo “blondie” square.


While I was attending nutrition lectures, cooking demos, and business workshops, it brought a smile to my face to receive each of the above pictures that my husband was taking at home – clearly proud of himself. This lifestyle can accomplished many different ways and my husband shows it can be simple, effective and fun for all.


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