Words of a Paleo Kid

You know you are doing something right as a mom and nutritionist when your four-year-old son asks you thought provoking questions about food.



A few weeks ago while we were eating at the dining room table, out of nowhere he asked…

“Mom, do you wish you could teach everyone in the World how to eat ‘paleo’?”

I explained that from what I understand about nutrition and how we as a family feel that yes, I do think many people would be healthier if they ate paleo type foods.


A few days later, I was driving him to his pre-school camp, when he asked…

“Mommy, we used to eat a lot more junk foods before we started eating ‘paleo’, right?”

I told him that we’ve always focused on real, whole foods, but now I think we are eating even healthier and focusing on foods that may best fuel our bodies.


He thought for a moment and then asked the question that blew me away…

“Well, Mommy, how did you decide that ‘paleo’ was a healthier way to eat?”

Keep in mind, he turned 4 in March and I thought to myself, “what a great question that many adults fail to think about!” Not necessarily this exact question, but failing to question in general. Just because we’ve been told something for many many years, does it mean we should accept it? Or is it important to always question, THINK and keep an open mind?


A couple days ago we went to one of our old go-to (pre-paleo) restaurants for lunch while we were out. We ordered a “cheat meal” of nachos (topped with fresh guacamole, olives, chicken, jalapeños and cheese) and the boys also split chicken fingers with fruit. After eating, my son asked…

“Mommy, that meal was mostly all sugar and junk food, wasn’t it?”

I said, “yes, pretty much. It was a meal we only have once in a great while.” He responded with…

“Ya, like a special treat. Mostly we eat healthy foods that make us strong.”


We don’t use the word ‘paleo’ very often with our boys, but we always talk about real, whole foods, where they come from and most importantly how we feel when we eat certain things. It’s very rewarding to see them check in with themselves about how foods effect their tummies, try a variety of foods and eat intuitively.


Keep thinking and questioning little guy!


If any of you have young kids, I highly recommend Sarah Fragoso’s children’s book, “Paleo Pals, Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship”. It’s a cute story about the benefits of eating real foods and includes fun recipes that you can make with your kids to get them, or keep them, excited about a ‘paleo’ way of eating.


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