Benefits of a ‘Paleo Challenge’

October is a time of the year that we commonly see ‘Paleo Challenges’ taking place. Whether it’s through your local CrossFit gym or your favorite primal blog, they are in full-swing. The summer’s over, our kids have settled into their school routine and it’s the month before many people get off track with their good food habits and over-indulge in holiday treats. But, ‘paleo’ eating is not about a points system or a quick 30-day “diet” toward a better you. Rather, it’s a lifestyle; a commitment to finding ideal wellness. So, why participate in a ‘Paleo Challenge’?

Well, it can be an awesome opportunity to take the jump, dedicate yourself, and establish some positive habits all with the support of OTHERS! If you are new to a grain-, legume-, dairy- and junk-free way of eating, there’s no better time to start. If you’ve been eating ‘paleo’ for a year or two, but have been slowly allowing some non-friendly foods to creep back into your daily routine, this is your chance to get back on track. Or, maybe it’s time to fine-tune – there’s always room for improvement.

More great reasons:

• Performance! It’s not just about food and weight-loss! It’s about improving your performance and overall wellbeing.

• Community! The CrossFit community is strong, but so is the ‘paleo’ community. Support, help, tips and encouragement are easy to find.

• Competition! Prizes! A little extra incentive and a lot of fun.

• It just may change your life!

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