Catch-Up and Preview Post

Yes! A “catch-up” and “preview post.” Much needed as summer comes to end and school peeks around the corner.


Below, you will find a hodge-podge of pictures from the last few days. Recipes to come, farm fresh produce, and a few snacks we are loading up in our new camper for a fun adventure before settling into our Fall routine. My sister-in-law is getting married and we are headed out to the Northwest to celebrate – “paleo-ish” style!



This was breakfast a few days ago before going to the store and before our weekly farm pick-up. I wanted to show it because it was one of the moments where I didn’t feel like we had much to pull together for a meal, but it turned out delicious and satisfying.

• Leftover salad topped with salsa

• Bacon

• Apples with almond butter



•  Slow Cook Sausage

This recipe is coming soon, so stay tuned! It was delicious. We used sausage from our local farmer (meat and spices only) and some veggies from our local farm. It’s a keeper.


Tuesday was CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pick-up day at our local organic farm – Copper Moose. I LOVE Tuesdays in the summer for this reason. Our weekly bounty included:

• Summer squash

• Cucumber

• Jalapeno

• Carrots

• Heirloom tomatoes

• Kale

• Mixed salad greens (not shown)

• Arugula (not shown)

• Broccoli

• Fennel

• Basil (not shown)

• Cabbage

• Eggs (for additional purchase)

We are packing it all up to take on our trip. Follow to see how it gets used:-)



Last night we began digging into our farm produce share with…

• Mixed salad greens

• Steamed broccoli

• And sliced heirloom tomatoes

• We also had burgers with our local grass-fed beef, topped with raw cheddar!



We are packing up “Chunky Monkey Muffins” from Primal Cravings for a fun treat on our trip. It was super hard for the family to not devour them before loading them in the camper.


“Nora’s Nut Ball Snackers” are also making their debut and have reserved a spot in the 5th-wheel refrigerator. More to come on these, but if anyone is looking for a fat boost in their diet and includes grass-fed butter on their “approved” list, these are for you!!!


Follow Primal Peak on Facebook and Instagram over the next week and a half for more tips and tidbits!


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