Easter Egg Fillers & Basket Ideas!


The Easter Bunny is hanging out just around the corner and if you are anything like me, you are scrambling to put together Easter Eggs and Baskets for those special little ones in your life. Like many other holidays, Easter can be filled with junkie treats and commercially cheap trinkets. Yuck!! I do my best to choose items that are more eco-friendly, useful for my kids, healthier, and just as much (if not more) fun for all of us. Here are some ideas from me to you…



When it comes to decorating eggs, our family uses two methods:

1) naturally dyed hard boiled eggs

2) and wrapped blown eggs

They each have their pluses and minuses. I like the plastic shrink wrapped blown eggs because they last for years if you are careful with them. I don’t love adding more plastic to our world, but I feel better about it when I’m able to put them out for decoration year after year. Just make sure you tap a hole on each end that is big enough (but not too big) so you don’t blow your brains out. And you can save the whites and yolks to scramble up a great breakfast.


I like the naturally dyed hard boiled eggs because you don’t have to risk blowing your innards out with the egg. And you end up with hard boiled eggs to eat without the toxic dyes that come with many kits these days. Either option can be found at your local natural foods or craft store.




It can be fun to brainstorm Easter egg fillers outside of the typical trashy candy. You know you own kids and what they are into, what’s egg appropriate and what is useful for them currently.

Here are some of my favorites:

1) Stickers

2) Dried fruit (my favorite – shown above – Steve’s Paleo Goods strawberries)

3) Balloons

4) Rainbow Loom bands

5) Coins

6) Dark chocolate

7) Garden seeds (large seeds)

8) Lego figures, or small lego kits divided amongst many eggs!

9) Puzzle pieces divided amongst many eggs.

10) Egg shakers (musical)




Easter baskets don’t have to be full of stuffed yellow chicks and giant chocolate bunnies on top of green plastic grass that sticks to EVERYTHING! In my house, I reuse the same green paper “grass” EVERY year, and the Easter Bunny knows to leave things that signify Spring – planting, playing outside, and being active.




Some of my favorite items are anything to do with encouraging your kids to help in the “garden” – no matter if it’s an indoor windowsill herb pot, an outdoor planter box, or multiple raised beds in the backyard, there are so many ways to get kids excited about growing their own food!

Here are a few examples:

1) The “Root Viewer” kit allows you to see root veggies growing below the soil surface!

2) Easter’s an ideal time to start growing pumpkins (the kids love this come Fall), and you can put together the necessary components for them yourself, or find a handy kit to get them started.

3) Seed packets of their favorite veggies (kids are always more excited to eat what they grow themselves) are a fun basket addition.

4) Eco- and kid-friendly garden tools (gloves, pails, watering cans, shovels, rakes, hoes, etc.).

5) A magnifying glass and garden bug identification book, so they can start learning which bugs they want in the garden and which would be better sent elsewhere.




Other fun and simple ideas to get your kids outside to play:

1) Kites

2) Jump ropes

3) Hoola hoops

4) Sidewalk chalk

5) Bubbles!

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