EATS: Eat Awesome Things at School


Small steps can lead to great gains over time, and EATS is an organization that is capable of just that. I learned of EATS at the end of last school year and have since been volunteering to help support their mission at my son’s school.


The vision:

“We envision an environmentally and financially sustainable school food program that serves only nutritious, fresh foods that kids will eat and nurtures a generation of eaters who have varied tastes and a healthy, respectful relationship with food.”

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I’ve always been one to complain about school lunch and the lack of quality food that most programs provide. But, it’s probably not entirely fair to complain without also learning the ins and outs and taking action to see what changes can be made. That’s what I love about EATS.


EATS has a handful of projects in the works, but one that has been fun to be involved in is the monthly taste test at the local schools. Each month we pick a vegetable that is in season and grown by local farmers to introduce to the kids. The goal is to increase their exposure and educate them with fun facts along the way. So far they have been a huge success and it is awesome to observe the reactions, comments and questions that their little minds come up with. The best is when a child is hesitant to try something because they think they don’t like, but they give it a go and discover it’s really good!!


EATS cucumber TT2
EATS Tomato TT2



Another positive push has been that of vegetable gardens on school grounds! One school already has their’s in the works and others are discussing the possibility. What better way to teach kids where food comes from and let them get their hands dirty?  Even the support from the lunchroom staff has been positive with hopes of some sort of farm to table or garden to table program in the future.





Here’s my son (yes, he cut his own bangs) on the EATS blender bike – pedal fast and turn your energy into a fresh fruit smoothie. Coming up with fun and creative ways to get kids excited about real food is a mission of mine and I applaud EATS for all the work they are putting in to do the same.


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