Fall? Where did you go?

What did I tell you?

I JUST posted this photo, commenting on how it truly felt like fall had arrived!

I JUST picked up this pie pumpkin and these ornamental gourds at our local farm (Copper Moose) this week!

And then….

That’s right! SNOW!!!

Like I said, I love fall, I just wish it lasted longer. I’m still optimistic that it will return before winter is here to stay. Although the snow in the mountains and quickly dropping temps are making me nervous.


It ended up being a perfect night for burgers and SOUP.


“Citrus Infused Pork Burgers” (I highly recommend!) from Beyond Bacon by Stacey Toth and Matthew McCarry (paleoparents.com)! They were moist, flavorful and spoke for themselves (no toppings necessary). I hope to write a Beyond Bacon review soon.



I wanted to eat three bowls of this Ginger Carrot Soup! I refrained because my belly would have burst, but I found it THAT good.


What’s your favorite Fall/Winter soup?


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